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Basics of Fix Networks

Fixed networks offer high-capacity connections but a reduced or no mobility to their subscribers. Access to fixed networks is provided always in the same building or area. Connection use to be a cable limiting mobility to the length of this cable. Thanks to the high-capacity and security of last Wifi standards every time they are more used for connecting to fixed networks instead of cables. In this case subscribers can move and connect anyplace inside the area covered by Wifi access points. Even in this case it cannot be considered mobile networks at all because this air connection is in charge of the customer.

 Router  DSLAM  FTTH  Wimax

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mobile-networksMobile Networks are continuously improving speed even competing with fix networks and covering more areas. In the opposite, with the same capacity, are more expensive tan fix ones. Thanks to flat fees they have reach a huge development around the world.


Fixed Networks  are the ones connecting our home, our office or university. In few years we have evolved from modems through telephone line to ADSL and optic fiber connection in our home. It is true fix networks provide the highest capacity but they are not available everywhere. Mostly the high-capacity connections are only available in big cities.

are the ones giving sense to all the rest. Internet or Networks have no sense without Internet Explorer, Skype or WhatsApp. Actually we use applications and applications use our devices and communication networks. We include four chapters with our recommendations for mobile devices and windows computers,  education environment and enterprise environment as well.


Internet is not a network but a lot of them connected. Internet is a set of networks allowing computers and equipment connection at a global level. Nowadays all networks (connected to internet or not) are using internet technology. Why internet has become the biggest and unique public network in the world? The reason could be most of network technologies created in the past were created to be small. Internet was born big and it was designed to be huge.

The huge development of communication networks, both fixed and mobile, have allowed development of new applications not executed in our computer but executed anywhere in internet. This kind of applications are involved in a new concept called “Cloud Computing” or processing in the cloud (internet). Most of the times it is not known where this application is executed but obviously there is a physical computer underneath.

Electricity NetworkElectricity Network is the base for our technology world. They distribute necessary energy for electronic equipments in our homes, data processing centers, industry and even remote places where mobile network antennas are installed. Additionally fiber optics are deployed together with electricity cables in towers and pipelines. These fiber optics are used by operators for mid and long distance connections. Currently electricity networks are in a kind of revolution with “SmartGrid” technology deployment.