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Location Information

Pushing location button navigator should show permission request to be located. Accepting it location is shown afterwards.

Methodology used by navigator to evaluate location depends on our device. Mobile device use to have GPS and it is used to evaluate location when available. It is recognized because of the great accuracy and the altitude. No other methodology provide altitude.

The following methodology in mobile devices is the information received from mobile network which device is connected to. Mobile device knows the antenna which it is connected to and most of mobile network antennas location in the world are registered.

When previous methodologies are not available location is evaluated based on IP address. This location is not precise but valid for most of the applications. Additionally, if there is a wifi network nearby it is possible to know location without connecting to this wifi network. There is a world database of MAC address of wifi networks and their locations.

This database of mobile network antennas and wifi MAC addresses location belongs to Google. During several years Google has obtain a huge geographical information available for internet users.


Simple tools providing information we send through internet when browsing. Shown information is the previously received one and it is not used for any other purpose.

Navigator information

This page shows information sent by navigator requesting it. Information shown is available to be used by programs inside received web page which are executed in the navigator. Information is sent in HTTP header. This information allows the server to adapt the web page pending on navigator, language, computer screen, etc. All this information is generic and there is no personal or sensitive on.

Location information

Location information in our navigator is more complex and it is considered in a different page. Our navigator should request us to accept location information to be used. Some navigators remember our selection but not forever. After a period of time usually around a day our navigator request again our permission.