Essential Applications for our Windows Computer

A new computer use to have few number of applications installed by default. Only Operating System and a set basic applications not really useful. In this page we would like to recommend an additional set of useful applications we think are mandatory in a computer. We consider only Microsoft Windows operating system ones.


It is the first application we should install. There are several good ones but this antivirus shouldn’t be a free one (Free ones use to be not so good and sometimes a fraud) and it is better to be bought in a physical store in order to avoid any fraud. Below the most used ones are shown.

trend-micro      symantec      kaspersky_logo

Internet Browser

This application was the origin of Internet revolution and the most use nowadays. We use it for accessing information in Internet, connecting to our bank, to our company, reading email, etc. Internet Explorer or Edge in Windows 10 is the one installed by default but there are more alternatives: Chrome, Firefox, Safary, Opera. It is good to have several installed in our computer.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office software package is, additionally to Windows operating system, one of Microsoft success pillars. There are several reasons for this. Microsoft Office includes Word editor, Excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint presentation software and Outlook mail manager. These application have a good quality and they are widely used both at enterprise and residential. Currently the price is lower than before but, in this page, are recommended free comparable (less powerful of course) applications.


Office Apps




Microsoft Office viewers

In case no edition is needed it is possible to download Microsoft Office viewers. They have the same quality and it is possible to download them for free from Microsoft web site.

Word viewerExcel viewerPowerPoint Viewer



Apache OpenOffice

Apache is one of the main references in open source and free software. OpenOffice is similar to Microsoft Office but free. These applications are not as powerful as the equivalent ones in Microsoft software package but it is enough for most of the cases. Additionally it supports Microsoft Office file formats and we can send our files to other people using Microsoft package.




Adobe Reader

Initially a proprietary format developed by Adobe company PDF format is currently a widely used standard used in most of the documents in internet. Additionally it is used for documents we want to be viewed but not modified like signed letters. PDF format allow to block any modification. Reader application could be downloaded for free from Adobe web site. PDF editor is not for free but, in this page, it is indicated an application to easily generate PDF documents.

Adobe Reader




PDF Creator

It is a free application creating a virtual printer in our computer. Any application could print in this virtual printer and the result is a PDF document. This is a really simple way to create PDF documents from any application we normally use.

Pdf Creator



Cloud Storage

This applications makes a copy of the content of a specific folder in our computer in the cloud. Our files in this folder are duplicated and synchronized between our computer and some servers in internet. Any modification is updated immediately. For this service we need an account, normally our email address, to identify our computer in this service. We could install this application in several computers and mobile devices with the same account and our files are synchronized between all the equipments. Additionally we could access with our web browser. One important point is to have confidence in the provider of this service. Our recommendation are two high confidence providers. Both offer several Gigabytes for free and only is needed to pay for the extra storage.

Google Drive One Drive